Community Uplift Program

Vision Statement

Matching Global Missions to Sustainable Methodologies…Sustainable infusion of Revenue, Training, Tools & Technology directly into Global Emerging & Underserved Communities

Mission Statement

MMCUP.org is committed to the journey of supporting “Global Missions” in their efforts to overcome the traditional barriers to resources…resources that are needed for sustainability in the Global Community. We will accomplish this through delivering a functional network of strategic partnerships & sustainable methodologies that enable the exchange and transfer of best practices, quality processes and innovative services.

Community Uplift Processes: embedded and tangible guideposts for assessing, evaluating and valuating our purpose for being driven. Every citizen, every organization, every community has a mission and hence, they speak to both our passion for and our commitment to those whose lives we touch along the way:

  • Contributing to the economic impact of our Global Community
  • Stabilizing the integrity of communal relationships
  • Advancing empowerment through dynamic education & training
  • Creating excellence through entrepreneurial mentorship

“Community Building is more than “brick and mortar.”   It is more than buildings, houses, streets, alleys and gangways. In other words, community is more than physical structure. True community is a feeling of relationship, a feeling or “sense” of being connected to other people and a sense of belonging that comes from people interacting with one another in focused, planned action. Community is a common bond. When attempting to rebuild a sense of community within a neighborhood that has become as disinvested as College Hill, a great deal of creativity has to be employed. You have to use every available avenue to provide residents with a way to “see” each other as talented, resourceful human beings, as neighbors and even as friends. This “sense of community” must be built upon a foundation of positive energy and tangible and sustained accomplishments.”

Howard Bowens, Ph.D.

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Sustainable infusion of Revenue, Training, Tools & Technology directly into Global Emerging & Underserved Communities.

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