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What you will need

The “Industry Options” affect all courses.   “Software Options” relate only to the Green Belt and Black Belt offerings.

Industry Options

This course is available in several "industry flavors": Manufacturing (default), Healthcare, Financial Services, and Services.

Each version features customized case studies, examples and exercises. You can select your version when you purchase the course.

Software Options

This course is offered for different versions of statistical software: EngineRoom®, Minitab® (version 16), and JMP® (version 8 or higher). We have customized the datasets and instructions for each tool version.

When you enroll in the EngineRoom version, you receive a free copy of EngineRoom, MoreSteam's Microsoft Excel-based data analysis tool to use along with the course and tutorials.

If you select the Minitab or JMP version of the course, you will need to purchase and provide your own license of the software.

  • System Requirements for Online Courses
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows® with Microsoft Office® (Word®, Excel®). MS Office® 2007 or higher recommended. MS Office 2003 will not take advantage of all Excel template features.
  • Display Properties Setting: Viewed best with High Color (16 Bit) or True Color (32 Bit) and 1024 x 768 screen size.
  • Audio: Sound Card and Speakers or Headphones
  • Internet Connection: high speed encouraged
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher (Free Download), or Firefox 7.0 or higher. Browser must be enabled to read Java.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader:
  • Flash 10 Player:
  • Java™ SE Runtime Environment: